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Conference Calendar


Psychointegrator Plants:

July 22-31, 2001.

An experimental seminar in the Brazilian Amazon.

$US 1,400-1,600.


Consciousness and Its Place in Nature:

August 7-11, 2001.

Held in Sweden, the conference will address the place of consciousness from a wide variety of perspectives.


Prophets Conference:

August 17-19, 2001.

Located at the University of Victoria in B.C., Canada, the conference theme is: Scientists, Healers, Poets, and Mystics.


Wild Mushrooms Telluride:

August 23-26, 2001.

An educational conference on the study and cultivation of wild mushrooms.

$US 265-315.




Nepalese Shamanism:

September 22-28; October 1-7, 2001.

Two seminars offered on the intersection of science with shamanism, art and music. Held at the Dhulikel Mountain Resort, Nepal.

Cost per person for one week: $US 1,500.


Altered States of Consciousness

Nov. 2-7, 2001.

Focusing on Enlightenment, Entheogens, Shamanism and Peak Experiences, this conference will be held at the Crown Plaza Pyramid, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

$US 645-745.




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