Parents around the country are reporting that school administrators are coercing them to give their children Ritalin by telling parents that their child may not attend school unless he or she is placed on Ritalin or a similar medication.

The CCLE is neither pro-Ritalin nor anti-Ritalin. Instead, we believe it is wrong to restrict public benefits—especially a child's education—based on the use or nonuse of psychotropic medicines. Please join us in returning the power of choice to the parents.

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Congress Responds with New
Law Protecting Parental Choice

Responding to parents who have been pressured by school officials to place their child on a psycho-stimulant like Ritalin or be barred from attending school, Congress finally has passed precedent-setting legislation protecting parental choice.

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Parents: Learn your rights!

A child's parents (or legal guardian) hold the right to make medication choices for the child. Learn about your right to informed consent. 

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CCLE Launches Campaign:
Making Choices for Children

CCLE launches a campaign to return choice to parents and their children.

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