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ARCHIVE:  June 28, 2001


Dear Dr. Shulgin:

I would like to learn about 2,5-dimethoxy-4-(n)-propylthiophenethylamine, known as 2C-T-7, including recommended dosage, predicted effects and duration of action. 


Dear Haungar:

Addendum Sept. 2002: 2C-T-7 Scheduled.

There are two superb epidemiological studies of human trials with 2C-T-7 taken from surveys of users, and one excellent clinical study of it as a potential psychotherapy tool.  

An article appeared in the MAPS Bulletin entitled, "An Amateur Qualitative Study of 48 2C-T-7 Subjective Bioassays," in Volume 10 #2 Summer issue of 2000, on page 11. It can be downloaded from the MAPS web site, where it is filed at This was a survey conducted by Casey Hardison with users who attended an ethnopharmacologic workshop in Southern Mexico earlier that year.

Another review, a survey of users of both 2C-T-7 and the S-ethyl homologue 2C-T-2 was written by a person named Murple, and covered the 423 responses that he received from a request for information published by the drug web-site Erowid. This is entitled "2C-T-2 & 2C-T-7 User Surveys" and has been published at that site on February 6, 2001. The address is for downloading.

The human clinical study was entitled "Preliminary Results with New Psychoactive Agents 2C-T-2 and 2C-T-7" and was published in the Jahrbuch f. Ethnomedizin, pp 99-117 (1993). It was authored by Myron J. Stolaroff and C.W. Wells, and it is in English.

-- Dr. Shulgin

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