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ARCHIVE:  December 12, 2001

Salvia divinorum Cuttings

Dear Dr. Shulgin:

I have a few Salvia cuttings that are about 4 inches high, but they are growing very slowly. What are the conditions needed to maximize growth? Keep them indoors? Adjust the temperature, the light levels, the correct fertilizers? Thanks in advance.

-- Bob

Dear Bob:

I am not an experienced botanist. I have only personal experience as to the conditions for propagating Salvia divinorum. I have earlier described my personal failure in obtaining fertile seed, and the necessity of maintaining my retainer inventory each year through the growing of new plants from cuttings. And of the sensitivity of the plant to frost.  

I have found that the transplantation of small cuttings is most successful when they are placed in rich and fertile soil, located in an area that is completely shaded and well drained, and kept under consistently moist soil conditions. Emulate the conditions that are found under the canopy of the rain forest where it rains every day or so, and you have limited light, and you will certainly have a healthy plant. My efforts in a greenhouse have only been satisfactory when I have restricted the light intensity with a filter screen. Talk to them occasionally, keep them happy, keep them from getting too hot or too dry, and protect them when Winter comes around. They are your children. You are responsible for them.

-- Dr. Shulgin

Editors Note: For a good book on growing Salvia divinorum, see the Salvia Divinorum Grower’s Guide.

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