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ARCHIVE:  July 20, 2001

Salvia Divinorum


Dear Dr. Shulgin:

Can one buy Salvia divinorum seeds? And do you think it is possible to grow it in Norway? How should they be propagated? 


Dear Miranda:

I have never personally seen seeds from the Salvia divinorum. In my first large greenhouse experiment back around 1960, I raised about 100 plants from cuttings and they provided small beautiful blossoms. Despite my attempted auto-pollination, no seeds were generated and I assumed that the legend was true that the plant was a cultigen and could only be propagated vegetatively. I have recently heard from reliable sources that fertile seeds have been obtained, but I have never personally seen them. 

As to raising them in Norway, I would certainly think so. Remember that they are a tropical plant but grow best with some protection from the direct sunlight. And they are quite intolerant of frost. Two years ago, my outside stand survived a light freeze (28 degrees F, -2 degrees C) but last year the temperature went to about 22 degrees F (-6 degrees C.) and all were killed. I always winter-over with cuttings. These are cut a centimeter above and about 3 centimeters below the node, with the two major leaves removed, and all cut surfaces dusted with something like RootTone. Put the bottom portions into a mixture of potting soil and sand, keep them warm and in reasonable light, and water them frequently.

-- Dr. Shulgin

See the Salvia Divinorum Action Center for latest info on S.divinorum's legal status.

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