CCLE Welcomes Adam Richard Fish as our 2001 Summer Fellow

The Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics is happy to announce that Adam Richard Fish will be serving as our first Summer Fellow.

Mr. Fish recently completed his studies toward his Masters Degree in Anthropology at the University of Idaho. His thesis consists of an archaeological analysis of the religious functions of an anthropomorphic iconography. In 1999 he received his BA in anthropology with a minor in history. Earlier he studied literature and Zen philosophy at the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado and ethnobotany at the University of Oregon.

Mr. Fish’s current interest is the anthropological epistemology of resistance, and he is currently examining the legal and social issues facing dance culture. In April of this year he presented his paper, “The Latent and Explicit Politics of the Dance Culture,” at the 2001 Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness meeting in Seattle. In 2000, he received the Carrie Hunter Tate award from the American Anthropological Association. The award honors the anthropology students in the US who have made significant contributions to applied anthropology.

As a Summer Fellow at the Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics, Mr. Fish will continue his research and writing on the politics of dance culture while contributing his many talents to the  ongoing projects at the Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics.

To read a transcript of Mr. Fish's acceptance remarks, click here

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