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September 28, 2004

Top Cognitive Liberty News

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The Face of the Future: Techno Sapiens? Phase II
Beyond Bio-Nanotech, Cybernetics and the future of the human race.
October 28-29, 2004
The CCLE's Wrye Sententia will be participating in several panel discussions at this annual conference in Washington D.C. >> Read more


Open Secrets: How the government lost the drug war in cyberspace
By Michael Erard, Reason, Oct 2004
   Current issue. Quotes Richard Glen Boire on the negligible effect of the public release of Microgram, the DEA's insider newsletter.

Injecting Tyranny: Anti-drug "vaccines"
By Jacob Sullum, Reason, Oct 2004
   Current issue. Cites, and quotes from, the CCLE's Pharmacotherapy report.


Morphine Apparently in Your Head
By Kristen Philipkoski, Wired, Sep. 23, 2004
"Several persistent researchers finally have proof for a theory they have held for more than a decade, despite dissent from the larger scientific community: Morphine occurs naturally in the human brain." >> Read more

UIC Unveils World's Most Powerful MRI for Decoding the Human Brain, Sep. 21, 2004
"The University of Illinois at Chicago has unveiled the world's most powerful magnetic resonance imaging machine. The current industry standard for MRI systems is 1.5 tesla.... By contrast, UIC's 9.4-tesla magnet will enable researchers to detect signals from...the metabolic building blocks of brain function and human thought." >> Read more

Top Cognitive Liberty News
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