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August 16, 2002

CCLE Files Comments with the DEA 
Concerning the Agency's Intention to Schedule 2C-T-7

The Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics (CCLE) attorney Richard Glen Boire has submitted written comments to the DEA opposing the agency’s intent to schedule the compound 2C-T-7. This compound, (full name 2,5-dimethoxy-4-(n)-propylthiophene- thylamine) was first synthesized by Dr. Alexander Shulgin in 1981. In July, the DEA filed a Notice of Intent to place 2C-T-7 on Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, contending that 2C-T-7 is a dangerous drug of abuse with no medical value.

In the comments submitted to the DEA, the CCLE opposed the scheduling of 2C-T-7 as an infringement on cognitive liberty – the fundamental right of the individual to self-determine his or her mental processes and to engage in multiple modes of thought. Further, the agency relied on Internet postings discussing the compound as evidence of “widespread” abuse, equating discussion of using this unscheduled substance with its misuse. The CCLE maintains that this is flawed logic, chills the First Amendment rights of those discussing 2C-T-7 (or any subject) via the Internet, and discourages the dissemination of important health and safety information about drugs. 

 “Placing 2C-T-7 in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act will make criminals out of otherwise law-abiding citizens who merely possess the substance, and/or ingest it responsibly to occasion a particular mode of thinking, " writes Mr. Boire. "Freedom of thought is inextricably linked with the freedom and autonomy of each citizen to self-determine his or her own brain chemistry. By placing 2C-T-7 into Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, the fundamental cognitive liberty of peaceful, responsible, and intelligent Americans to modulate their own thinking processes is infringed upon in an overly broad and unconstitutional manner."

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Read the CCLE's complete comments to the DEA in the matter of 2C-T-7. (pdf)


Addendum Sept. 2002: 2C-T-7 Scheduled.

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