Federal Scheduling of GHB

On January 31, 2000, HR 2130, a bill to make gamma hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) the latest edition to the federal list of Schedule I controlled substances (but place FDA-approved "medical" GHB-products in Schedule III), passed the House of Representatives, and currently awaits the President's signature.

In addition to directing the emergency scheduling of GHB, the law also:

  • Adds gamma butyrolactone to the List 1 Chemicals (precursors).
  • Instructs the Operations Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration to form "a special unit which shall assess the abuse of and trafficking in gamma hydroxybutyric acid, flunitrazepam, ketamine, other controlled substances, and other so-called `designer drugs' whose use has been associated with sexual assault."
  • Instructs the Attorney General to conduct a "national awareness campaign" on GHB's use as a so-called "date rape drug."

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press release by Orphan Medical, a pharmaceutical company seeking to capitalize on GHB as a narcolepsy and cataplexy drug.

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