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For the most current information about MDMA, try the MAPS website.

MDMA (Ecstasy) Law & Policy

US Federal Law:

MDMA is a Schedule I substance under federal law.

US State Law:

MDMA (Ecstasy) is 3-4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine. It is either explicitly scheduled in all 50 states, or is charged under the states' controlled substance analogue provisions.

State Law Index


More On-site MDMA Info

Ask Dr. Shulgin Online:  
Dr. Alexander Shulgin is considered the godfather of MDMA, and is an expert on all psychedelic drugs. Ask him a question online!

Inside a DEA Rave Seminar
Get the inside story on a government Rave Conference held on March 5, 2000. 


U.S. Government Information:

Index to DEA materials on MDMA

US Customs Declares "War on Ecstasy"

Department of Justice, National Drug Intelligence Center

  • 6-page "Information Bulletin" on Raves, and "Crack House" theory of prosecution. (April 2001.) (PDF File)

National Drug Control Strategy Report for 2000
Outlines Federal Government's main focuses for the upcoming year, and includes section on MDMA. (PDF File)

National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA)

National Clearing House for Alcohol and Drug Information Ecstasy Publications

On July 19, 2001 the Ecstasy Prevention Act of 2001 was introduced in the United States Senate. >> Read More

In March 2001, the U.S. Sentencing Commission raised the punishment for federal offenses of manufacturing or distributing MDMA.  >> read more

In 2000 several bill in Congress sought to raise punishment for federal MDMA offenses and criminalize certain information concerning Ecstasy and other controlled substances! >> Learn More

From July 31, 2000, through Wednesday, August 2, the DEA held a “National Ecstasy & Club Drugs Conference” in Washington, D.C., for the purpose of providing information on MDMA (Ecstasy) to local, state, federal, and international law enforcement agents. >> Read Full Report

On June 15, 2000, the House Judiciary Committee held an oversight hearing on "The Threat Posed By The Illegal Importation, Trafficking, and Use of Ecstasy and other 'Club Drugs'" >> Read the Testimony

Companies begin hair-testing for MDMA. >> read more

August 1, 2000: Drug Czar announces Media Campaign aimed at Ecstasy >> read more

View pictures of some MDMA pills


International Government Information:

Australian Federal Police information sheet on ecstasy

European Council Decision of September 13, 1999, concerning 4-MTA


Miscellaneous MDMA information:

MDMA "scare" plays on racial fears says Professor Philip Jenkins, author of "Synthetic Panics: Symbolic Politics of Designer Drugs" (New York University Press). Read article.

Countdown to Ecstasy:A New Drug for the Millenium. Excellent article by Marc Savlov of the Austin Chronicle. (June 9, 2000). Covers current rave and club scene as well as early 1980s popularity that led to scheduling.

The Lure of Ecstasy: Article in the June 5, 2000 issue of Time Magazine, by John Cloud. Admirably balanced.

The War on Information Salon article by Ted Oehmke on the Ecstasy Anti-Proliferation Act of 2000.


MDMA-Related Organizations & Sites:

EROWID Vault on MDMA Erowid provides extensive history and use information concerning MDMA.

DanceSafe Harm reduction organization that staffs raves and performs pill testing. aims to gather and make accessible objective, authoritative and up to date information about the drug ecstasy (principally MDMA). Among other information, they have a good Q/A section, and a section with pill testing results. The site is non-profit making and is maintained by volunteers. pill-testing headquarters.

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies Pre-eminent world-wide organization that helps fund scientific studies on MDMA and provides medical research information.


Take a Rutgers survey seeking information about MDMA use and sexual risk-taking.


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