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Microgram Bulletin is published by the Drug Enforcement Administration Office of Forensic Sciences Washington, D.C. 20537.

Long shrouded in mystery, Microgram Bulletin is a monthly newsletter published beginning in 1967 by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's Office of Forensic Sciences.

It is primarily intended to assist and serve forensic scientists concerned with the detection and analyses of suspected controlled substances for forensic/law enforcement purposes. It includes Intelligence Alerts, Safety Alerts, Intelligence Briefs, Selected Intelligence Briefs, Selected Literature References, Meeting Announcements, Employment Opportunities, pertinent sections from the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR-21), Columns of topical importance, and similar material of interest to the counter-drug community.

In January 2003, Microgram Bulletin was declassified.

It often contains excellent photographs and other images, and more accurate data than most government-produced publications about illegal drugs. Richard Glen Boire, legal counsel for the CCLE, calls it "without question my favorite DEA publication."

For those who prefer not to visit the DEA's web site, which is known to capture visitors IP addresses, the CCLE has begun archiving issues of the Microgram Bulletin in our Drug Law Library.

View CCLE's archived issues of Microgram Bulletin

Additional information about the Microgram Bulletin can be found on the DEA's website here.

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