New Jersey Punishment for MDMA ("ecstasy") Offenses

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We are currently seeking data on the standard disposition of MDMA offenses in New Jersey. If you are a defense attorney or a defendant in such a case, please e-mail us with information about the county of the alleged offense and the offer, if any, made by the prosecutor, as well as the actual final disposition.

 00, the New Jersey Legislature passed a new bill that

Read New Jersey MDMA Bill


This is a statement on the old law:

"In New Jersey, possession of Ecstasy carries a sentence of three to five years in prison, but a first-time offender could serve less than a year in county jail, says John Dangler, a Morris County, N.J., prosecutor, and ''that's if it is a truckload or a tablet.'' Police know that Ecstasy and a handful of other drugs saturate these parties. Raiding raves is an inefficient use of resources, police say."

Copyright 2000, USA Today, April 19, 2000 By Donna Leinwand and Gary Fields.

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