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In an effort to monitor the changing climate concerning Salvia divinorum, the Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics has established the Salvia Divinorum Monitor, a central Internet site for learning the latest news which has the potential to affect the plant's legal status.

Salvia Divinorum News Wire 

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    Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics (June 1, 2002)
    Australia Becomes First Country To Schedule Salvia (April 1, 2002)
    A New LSD?: Mexican Herb for Sale Online Comes With Divine Claims, Warnings
    "A Mexican herb that no one really understands and can send users on intense, brief hallucinogenic trips is being sold over the Internet touting itself as a legal way to expand your consciousness that recalls the heyday of LSD." 

    Fairfield County Weekly, 
    Legally High, (
    Jan 17, 2002 )

    Spin Magazine
    "How High?" (November 2001, p. 68)

    Can it get any worse? Here, Spin Magazine compares S. divinorum to "crack," condescendingly refers to Mazatec shamans doing "bong hits" and later bartering the plant with "SoCal hippie chicks" for tarot card readings and hackeysacks, and concludes by quoting a "habitual user." 

    Los Angeles Times 
    A Legal Hallucinogen, At Least For Now (August 14, 2001)

    Australian Newspaper (name unknown)
    Official Black Out on New Net Drug (July 2001)

    The New Zealand Herald

    Mexican mind bender like a legal LSD, say users (July 19, 2001) 
    'Magic Mint" for sale on Web (Monday, July 16, 2001)

    London Times
    Drug Suppliers use Loophole to sell 'Magic Mint',  July 15, 2001

    Corriere Della Serra (Italy)

    The Independent (U.K.)

    The Times (U.K.),,2-2001233287,00.html

    The New York Times
    New Cautions Over a Plant With a Buzz
    By RICHARD LEZIN JONES, (c) July 9, 2001, New York Times


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    If the US DEA is moving to schedule Salvia divinorum, they are required to publish a notice in the Federal Register. Search the Federal Register for any mention of the plant.

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    Check and see if Salvia divinorum has been mentioned lately by politicians in the US Congress.

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    Check to see if any bill mentioning Salvia divinorum has been introduced in the Congress.

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