Spin Magazine "How High?"
(c) Spin  Magazine, November 2001, p. 68

Can it get any worse? Here, Spin Magazine compares S. divinorum to "crack," condescendingly refers to Mazatec shamans doing "bong hits" and later bartering the plant with "SoCal hippie chicks" for tarot card readings and hackeysacks, and concludes by quoting a "habitual user." 

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To see a letter written to Spin by Richard Glen Boire, Executive Director of the Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics, click here.

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A letter to Spin Magazine by Richard Glen Boire

Dear Spin –

I am accustomed to hearing US Government officials spew inaccurate and hyperbolic information about drugs, but your article on Salvia divinorum (“How High?” Nov. 2001), reaches new lows. 

Salvia divinorum bears no comparison to “crack” and everything you mention with regard to Mazatec use is both crass and inaccurate. Finally, there is no report of any person, ever, becoming habituated to Salvia divinorum.

Rather than subjecting your readers to condescending, “party dude,” articles about drugs, why not treat us with respect and work to counteract the drug ignorance that is so pervasive in society and within the marbled halls of government? 

Richard Glen Boire
Executive Director

The Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics www.cognitiveliberty.org