Join CCLE's Co-Director Wrye Sententia
and CCLE Advisor Zack Lynch in NYC next month!

The Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics is proud to announce that for the second year in a row we will be sponsoring the NBIC Convergence Conference.

A remarkable panel of nationally recognized experts, will be presenting the latest information about the synergistic combination of four major provinces of science and technology:

  • Nanoscience and nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology and biomedicine, including genetic engineering
  • Information technology, including computing and communications
  • Cognitive science, including cognitive neuroscience

This years conference will be co-chaired by Dr. Mihail C. Roco, Ph.D., and Dr. William Sims Bainbridge.

Dr. Roco is a Senior Advisor at the National Science Foundation, and Chairs the National Science and Technology Council's Subcommittee on Nanoscale Science, Engineering and Technology (NSET). He also oversees the National Nanotechnology Initiative.

Dr. Bainbridge is Deputy Director of the Division of Information and Intelligent Systems of the National Science Foundation, and has directed the division's Human Computer Interaction, Universal Access, and Knowledge and Cognitive Systems Program. Drs. Bainbridge and Roco were co-editors of the NSF/DOC-sponsored report "Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance."

The keynote address will be presented by the Honorable Phillip J. Bond,
Undersecretary of Commerce for Technology, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Technology Administration.

In addition to Wrye Sententia and Zack Lynch, other presenters (currently 28)  include: Nobel Prize winning memory researcher Eric Kandel (Columbia), Arthur Caplan (Penn. State),  James Canton (Inst. for Global Futures), and David Bishop (Bell Labs).

Airfares to New York City are currently very reasonable, and this is sure to be one of the year's most fascinating, educational, and influential gatherings.

Complete information is available at the NBIC Convergence 2004 website.