The CCLE views drug prohibition as a real and present encroachment upon cognitive liberty, and includes this among its primary areas of focus and analysis.

The essence of the "war on drugs" is not a battle against pills and powders, but a battle against the mental states that such substances can elicit. In our view, saying that the war on drugs is a war on drugs rather than on mental states is like saying that book burnings and bannings are attacks on paper and ink, rather than on the ideas espoused by the authors.

We live in an age of cognitive censorship; an age in which certain drugs and mind states receive State approval while others are forbidden—even criminalized. Members of the Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics are united in the principle that a person's thoughts and thought processes should remain inviolable. The government should not be in the business of policing thoughts by authorizing acceptable states of mind, and outlawing others. Nor is it sound social policy to accept prohibition laws that cause systemic dysfunction and encourage widespread misunderstanding of the complexities of drugs and drug use.

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Are the Drug Laws Constitutional? 
"The truth is that behind Congress's ostensible aim of combating drug misbranding lay its growing antagonism to the habit of pharmacological self-pleasuring, manifested by the act's specifically mandating the listing on the label of what were then the main ingredients of Americans' favorite nostrums: alcohol, hypnotics, and sedatives." By Thomas Szasz 

Ask Dr. Shulgin
Drug education CCLE style. World-renowned chemist Dr. Alexander Shulgin provides reliable answers to questions concerning drugs. 

Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics (CCLE)
Our law and policy center frequently issues alerts and legal analysis of proposed legislation, new laws and recent court decisions concerning drugs and drug policy. 

Cognitive Liberty Legal Network
If you're a drug defense attorney or legal professional interested in defending and helping to elaborate on the fundamental right to cognitive liberty, please join our Cognitive Liberty Legal Defense Network. If you've been arrested, and are looking for a lawyer skilled in cognitive liberty cases, go here.

Criminalization of Drug Use 
"America's drug war has always trifled with science. But the assumption that the presence alone of a particular chemical in a person's bloodstream is cause for imprisonment replaces the fundamental American right of presumption of innocence with the police-state mentality of assumed guilt. Nevertheless, we should not worry. The people in jail cells are not prisoners, just patients undergoing the new therapy of coerced abstinence." By Joseph McNamara, D.P.A.

Drug Law Library
Our comprehensive and ever-growing drug law library. State, federal and international drug laws at your fingertips.

The Drug War and the Constitution 
"The thesis that I want to advance today is that the drug war and the laws that prohibit the private consumption of certain drugs are un-Constitutional. Prohibition laws, themselves, violate every tenet of limited government that is embodied in our Constitution." By Paul Hager.

On Cognitive Liberty
Series of essays by Richard Glen Boire which elaborate on the individual's fundamental right to cognitive liberty and autonomy of mind. Includes a running critique of drug prohibition.

Salvia Divinorum Defense Fund
Salvia divinorum a psychoactive plant traditionally used by the Mazatecs for divination may become the next drug prohibited by the DEA. The Alchemind Society has established a defense fund to prepare a professional objection to any such move by the DEA. Donations are tax deductible. 

2002 Canadian Senate Report on Cannabis: Summary
As the ever more costly domestic war on drugs redoubles its paternalistic efforts to protect Americans from themselves, the Canadian government begins to see the merit of a drug policy based on allowing Canadians to decide for themselves. CCLE associate legal counsel Julie Ruiz-Sierra summarizes the revolutionary Canadian senate report.

Schaffer Library of Drug Policy
Fantastic collection of online texts concerning drug policy.

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