Psychoactive Drugs as Weapons and Policing Tools

The Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics (ccle) is seeking and compiling reliable resources related to the weaponizing of psychoactive drugs. If you have information on this topic, please e-mail it to us at


MKULTRA Related:


The Sunshine Project
Nonprofit group that works to stop biological weapons.

  • Press Release on "calmative" weapons, with link to FOIA obtained report (pdf) on psychoactive calmatives produced by Penn State's Applied Research Laboratory, as part of The US Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD).

Crowd Control Technology Page
From the Penn State Institute for Nonlethal Defense Technologies

Nonlethal Weapons Research Project
Center for Conflict Resolution

Law Review article on Legal Issues Related to Non-Lethal Weapons
Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law, Vol 7, No 2 (June 2000) 

Knockout Gas Proves Deadly in Moscow
A two-day hostage siege in a Moscow theatre, where 50 Chechen rebels held 750 people captive in a desperate act to draw public attention to the ongoing war in their province, ended in a cloud of knockout gas. The military rescue authorized by Russian President Putin began the raid by pumping an unidentified gas into the theatre ventilation system, which debilitated or rendered unconscious almost everyone exposed to it.

Wonder Weapons:The Pentagon's quest for nonlethal arms is amazing. But is it smart?
Article from US News, which mentions developement of device that uses very low frequency electromagnetic radiation to induce sleep.

WIRED Magazine Article on NonLethal Weapons, mentioning some psychoactive drug-based weapons.

Report "US Military Nonlethal Weapons" Source unclear.

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