Join the Cognitive Liberty
Legal Defense Network!

If you are a legal professional with experience, or an abiding interest, in defending cognitive freedom cases, please join the CCLE's Cognitive Liberty Legal Defense Network.

Members of the Cognitive Liberty Defense Network share defense tactics, briefs, legal research, and other legal intelligence in an effort to defend the rights of otherwise law-abiding citizens who are under government attack for offenses premised on their use of old or new drugs, technologies, or techniques for occasioning particular states of mind. We also work to defend cognitive autonomy -- the basic human right be be free from compelled or surreptitious manipulations of one's consciousness by outside forces.

We are currently involved in several projects and cases which could use your help. 

If you believe that people have a right to freedom of thought so long as they do not harm others, and you'd like to contribute some of your legal talents to this cause, please join our Cognitive Liberty Legal Defense Network.

To join the network, send us an e-mail with your name, type of legal practice, office address, and a brief introduction.

You can also e-mail us If you are seeking expert consultation concerning a complex legal case.

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