Write a Letter-to-the-Editor

Letters to the editor is one of the most read sections of every newspaper. It's a great way to educate members of your community about the increasing pressures placed on parents to medicate their children. Parent's should decide what is best for their kids, not school authorities or other government bodies.

We've put together some tips for writing effective letters-to-the-editor below. These tips will give you hints and advice on how to write effective letters that will get published.

Use this website to find e-mails and addresses for local and national papers.


  • Try to convince the reader in as few words as possible -- not more than 200 words, preferably fewer. The shorter and more powerful a letter is, the more likely it is to be published.
  • Be sure to include your contact information -- including your phone number, city, and zip code -- so that the editors can verify that you are the author of the letter. Many newspapers will not publish letters that cannot be verified.
  • If possible, make your letter more timely by mentioning a recent news event in your area or an article in that newspaper. Letters referring to an article the paper has recently published are the most likely to run.
  • If sending your letter by e-mail, do not send it as an attachment. Because attachments can carry computer viruses, many newspapers have programs that block all e-mails that have attachments. Paste the text into the e-mail itself.

Use this website to find e-mails and addresses for local and national papers.



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