Parents have a legal right to decide, free of government coercion, which psychotropic medications, if any, are best for their kids. Many parent's however are unaware of their rights, and feel powerless in the face of pressure from school officials. 

We are in the process of raising the money needed to prepare a Parent's Rights Kit, for those of you who are feeling government pressure to place your child on Ritalin or a similar psycho-stimulant drug.

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Our Parent's Rights Kit will:

  • Include a "Your Legal Rights" brochure, explaining your legal rights to make medication decisions in the best interest of your child.

  • Educate and empower parents to exercise and enforce your right to informed consent.

  • Provide helpful information about how to talk with your child about drugs.

  • Include a spectrum of resources for learning more about psycho-stimulants such as Ritalin, and about ADHD.

  • Sample letters, including:

    • A sample letter that a parent might send to a school board invoking her right to decide what's in her child's best interest and demanding that her medication choices be respected

    • A sample sign-on letter to a school board by concerned parents

    • A sample letter to an elected official regarding coercive school policies in their district.

  • Information and advice about who to contact in the event parental informed consent rights are being infringed.

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