Mental Diversity Scholarship Awarded
Award No. 1, Mind States IV Conference

The CCLE is pleased to announce that four individuals have been awarded CCLE Mental Diversity Scholarships to attend the Mind States IV Conference in May 2003.


Brief Descriptions of Awardees:

Lynn Cooper (Maine)
Working on a Masters of Divinity Program at Harvard Divinity School, Cooper seeks to integrate the study of consciousness with independence & exploration of spirituality in young people; and hopes to become a chaplain/religious authority in a university environment.

Christine Frazier (Texas)
This person has a demonstrated ability to facilitate results in the causes she undertakes. Single mother of twins, Frazier will graduate next spring from the Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service in Houston, Texas, where she is studying to become a mortician specializing in multi-cultural embalming methods & funeral services aimed to celebrate an individual's life at their death with creative ritual: "I believe that to honor an individual's life a funeral must be an honest expression of each person's experiences and contributions"; she also chose a career in funerary services as a way to help ease the suffering of those left behind.

Sarah Tappon (Oregon)
An undergraduate studying cognitive psychology at Reed College. Tappon is a  youthful activist and enthusiast with inquisitive and thoughtful perspective on issues involving consciousness/drugs/electronic culture & is interested in pursuing a career as a research psychologist.

Andrea Bumb (California)
A single mother who operates her own Holistic Health business:, offering a diverse line of herbal and aromatherapy products and medicines. Additionally, she works with a select team of MDs & alternative health practitioners to treat hospital patients for whom traditional "western" medicine has failed to produce life-enhancing results. She practices & teaches Thai massage & Thai cuisine, and has traveled extensively in 17 different countries.

The CCLE's Mental Diversity Scholarship Fund is intended to make it possible for worthy individuals with a unique perspective to attend cost-prohibitive conferences, seminars, and other events that raise cognitive liberty issues.

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