Above: Jonathan in his library, prior to fire.

jonathan ott

Jonathan with a part from his
hydroelectric system, prior to fire.

Jonathan Ott Fund - Please Donate

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Read June 10, 2010 Update!


A tragic fire by arson has burned our dear friend Jonathan Ott’s lovely home to the ground. He was lecturing in Spain at the time and he is personally safe, but homeless and shaken. This is a tremendous loss, and Jonathan could use your help right now. He must relocate.

In his own words:

"[My] home was completely burned, destroying everything that was most important: laboratory, hydroelectric system, custom-built and -designed electric motorcycle and, for the crowning touch, [the arsonist] tried to burn [my] library, one of the best private collections on ethnomedicine that exist[s]. Signed, personal copies of some of Albert Hofmann’s books were even used as fuel to ignite expensive laboratory equipment! While the humidity of the cloud-forest saved the books, the house was rendered uninhabitable and without power; the laboratory unusable.

“It is the attempted book-burning which most outrages me and, I think, will outrage others.

“For that reason, I am dedicating my full attention first to saving the books—I now have 53 boxes banded and stashed, and there will be perhaps 100 to 125 in total. This is hard and dirty work, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

“So I am fucked in a major way and the rest of this year will be devoted to moving to Colombia and starting over there. I go to Colombia to lecture in May and hope to have library and lab packed up by then. I have to start over again for the 4th time, but will land on my feet and in 2 years’ time be better off than before.

How often have we heard Jonathan referred to as the leading authority on entheogens (a word he jointly coined)? His writings are considered the gold standard of accuracy. And those of us who know him personally have experienced his endless generosity, wit, and talent. He is one of the legends in our midst to whom we owe so much. Now is our chance to pay him back in his hour of need. Here is what we can do...

Jonathan is currently homeless but staying with neighbor friends. Each of our efforts, however small, when combined will make a huge difference for our esteemed friend and colleague Jonathan. He needs financial help for shipping expenses and various relocation costs right now. The goal is to raise $25,000 by our combined efforts. Please take a moment now to make a donation below. Please also help spread the word by forwarding this request to your contacts, and by posting on sympathetic web sites. [Get PDF Flyer (English & Spanish).]

Please make a donation right now:

Donations by check should be made out to "Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics" and write, "Jonathan Ott Fund" in memo area. Mail to:

Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics (ccle)
attn: Jonathan Ott Fund
P.O. Box 73481
Davis, CA 95617, USA

All donations managed by attorney Richard Glen Boire, and passed directly to Jonathan Ott (minus only Paypal or bank fees).

The ccle is a 501(c)(3) public education organization, with tax ID number: 68-0447792. Donations are tax deductible for US taxpayers.


June 10, 2010 Update:

Thanks to the many of you who have generously donated!

Through donations, varying from $1 to $1,000, the fund has received and transferred approximately $13,000 (as of June 1) to Jonathan. The phoenix will rise.

Jonathan has most of his belongings packed, and is now scouting for land suitable for building his new home, complete with self-designed hydroelectric system.

Word from Jonathan is extremely sparse, as he is dealing with immediate matters and in a very remote area. As soon as we have more information to pass along, we will post another update.

Thank you for lending a hand!

-= Richard Glen Boire