Los Angeles Event: Thursday Feb. 6,   7pm - midnite

The Learning Party presents:
Cognitive Liberty: Can You Change Your Own Mind?

a dialogue with Wrye Sententia of the Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics

Profound advances in cognitive technologies & neurochemistry are further changing our ability to manipulate the brain. In the next few decades we will see even more intricate breakthroughs in neurotechnologies & neurochemistry. How will society respond to new options, new possibilities for treating or manipulating the mind? What sorts of freedom to benefit from these advances will we have, what sorts of limitations should/will there be?

The current War on (some) Drugs already restricts unapproved psychoactive substances & the right to change your mind with them. When legal, prescription drugs become available not only for treating ailments like depression or Alzheimer's disease, but for enhancing "normal" cognitive faculties--like improving memory & retention--what sorts of rights to these tools will/should we have?

What role will the government play in regulating, or even in deploying for their own purposes, emerging technologies & psychoactive drugs? Are there foreseeable dangers that we, as a democratic society should anticipate and forestall?"

More info: http://www.thelearningparty.com/core.html

(w/downtempo-ambient mixing after discussion)

Located at Club Mobius, 209 S. Garey Street,
near Japantown/Artist's District, Los Angeles
2 blocks E on 2nd from intersection of 2nd & Alameda.
$5 donation.