New Bill Seeks to Protect Your Medical Privacy

The CCLE is a member of the Medical Privacy Coalition, which is concerned about the misleadingly titled "Federal Medical Privacy Rule." Rather than protect medical privacy, this law actually eliminates individuals’ freedom to give or withhold consent regarding the release of their personal health information to many persons for many purposes. (You can get complete details on this bad law here.)

Fortunately, Representative Ron Paul, has introduced the Patient Privacy Act (Bill # H.R.1699), which would:

  • repeal the statutory authorization for both the misnamed medical privacy regulation and the "unique health identifier;" and
  • prevents the federal government from establishing or funding any database with private health care information.

Complete details concerning the good bill are here.

Take Action

1. Here is a very easy-to-use system for letting your representative know your thoughts about the importance of protecting medical privacy.

2. Please also visit the website for the medical privacy coalition, which  has additional resources for taking action to protect your medical privacy.