This is Not a Pipe
Justice Department Goes After "Paraphernalia" Vendors

In the latest expansion on the "War on Drugs," Attorney General John Ashcroft reported today that the Department of Justice has launched two new major anti-drug operations aimed at targeting companies that sell items that drug users might use to ingest their unapproved drugs. At a press conference held earlier today, Ashcroft proudly announced that "Operation Head Hunter" and "Operation Pipe Dreams," have already resulted in the arrest of 55 people. 

-- CCLE 24 Feb. 2003

Addendum 25 Feb. 2003
DEA is apparently redirecting Internet visitors to the busted "paraphernalia" sites to a DEA page, which states that the site's assets have been seized. DEA is known to capture IP addresses of those who visit its website, raising the specter that people visiting the sites closed by the DEA may be tracked by the DEA.

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