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May 23, 2002

A Piece of Mind
A new bookshop caters to those interested in cognitive liberty and brings a new meaning to "head shop."
By STEFFEN SILVIS (c) Willamette Week Online, May 22, 2002

Brad Willard has long been a student of cognitive science and of literature supporting cognitive liberty (the radical idea that we, as individuals, should have sole control over the way we think). A few months ago, Willard, part owner of the successful Belmont Street cafe The Pied Cow, decided to open a cafe-cum-bookshop devoted to the subject. His new venture is an attractive specialist bookshop of the type one thought Barnes & Noble had murdered.

Nestled within an early 1900s house, the Psychonautical Supply is a place, Willard hopes, where individuals may embark on myriad new voyages in the mind. "If there's any message that I'm promoting at the Psychonautical," says Willard, "it's that each person has the right to seek their own path."

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