Ram Dass Joins CCLE's Board of Advisors

July 27, 2001

The Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics (CCLE) is very honored to welcome Ram Dass as the newest member to its Board of Advisors.

Ram Dass, a.k.a. Richard Alpert, is a globally loved spiritual teacher who has influenced millions with his books and lectures. He is the author of eight books and the founder of the Hanuman and Seva Foundations. His 1971 classic Be Here Now was an international bestseller. 

While teaching at Harvard in the early 1960s, he collaborated with Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner, and Aldous Huxley, in entheogen research. His own entheogen-elicited insights into the nature of consciousness eventually led him to the mystical traditions of the East.

A biographical film about Ram Dass, Fierce Grace, will open in October of 2001.

For more information about the CCLE’s Board of Advisors, blip to: http://www.cognitiveliberty.org/who.htm

The Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics (CCLE)

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