The Face of the Future: Technosapiens?
The CCLE's Wrye Sententia to speak on "Steering Toward Human Flourishing"

The Center for Bioethics and Culture (CBC) and the Council for Biotechnology Policy (CBP), will be holding a conference September 19-20 in Oakland, California. Titled "The Face of the Future: Technosapiens?" the conference promises to be controversial.

Both the CBC and the CBP are committed to enforcing Judeo-Christian worldviews in the face of technological advances.

Wrye Sententia, CCLE co-director, has been invited to respond to C. Ben Mitchell Ph.D. ( on the topic of: "Techno-utopia, Techno-dystopia, or Techno-realism? The Philosophy of Technology and Steering Toward Human Flourishing." Christine Peterson, President of the Foresight Institute will also be speaking.

Last month, Wrye Sententia presented a paper at Yale University on the cognitive liberty implications of emerging neurotechnologies for the Transvision 2003 Conference: The Adaptable Human Body: Bioethics & Transhumanism in the 21st Century. Her published paper on topic is forthcoming.