Adam Richard Fish's Acceptance Remarks 
Upon Award of CCLE's Summer Fellow, 2001

Greetings my friends of the CCLE!  I am very honored to have been chosen as the 2001 Summer Fellow. It is my pleasure to participate in the refinement, diffusion, defense and celebration of Cognitive Liberty.

I come to the rubric of Cognitive Liberty from an anthropological epistemology. My internalization of the social and psychological history of our species has solidified my belief in the insufferable right to mental individuality, multiplicity and autonomy.

The founding mothers of our species and the founding fathers of our country were well aware of the right to multiple modes of consciousness. Somewhere in the commodification, calcification, consumerization, computerization, capitalization, and colonization of the human mind, Cognitive Liberty was synthetically substituted with a pale simulacrum of emancipation.

As the cultures of the past encouraged automatic creativity, and the future shall be cerebrally autonomous, it is imperative that we in the present transform our libertinage into a munificent praxis.  It is essential that we perform this dance with humor and articulation, play and intelligence. 

Adam Richard Fish
Summer Fellow, 2001  

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