This page provides information about the universities which have accepted our Cognitive Liberty & Neuroethics Course Curriculum.

If you are a student or professor who has taught or taken this course in whole, or in part, please let us know, so we can add your name or institution to this list.

Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation
Distance Education Division
is integrating the Neuroethics and Cognitive Liberty curriculum as an independent distance education course/program; including updated biomedical ethics content from contributing faculty.

GNIF info:

Reed College: Paideia
Cognitive Liberty & Neuroethics
A Two-week version of Cognitive Liberty & Neuroethics will be taught version at Reed's annual Paideia educational event. Paideia is a 10-16 day "celebration of academia" held every January at Reed. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of Reed offer informal, non-credit courses and lectures on a wide variety of topics.

Paideia info:

Taiwan Central University
Cognitive Liberty & Neuroethics, upcoming course
Cognitive Liberty & Neuroethics will be taught as a two-semester class through the university's English department in a format emphasizing the effects of cultural and literary impact of psychedelics.

Taiwan Central University info:

University of British Columbia
Cognitive Liberty: Psychedelic Perspectives
PHIL 486, 3 credits
This course is to be a general introduction to the issues surrounding psychoactives approached from the philosophical direction of cognitive liberty (i.e. of issues pertaining to mental freedom). We will begin the course by examining the subject of cognitive liberty, and then cover a wide range of psychedelic-related topics, including such topics as: possible dangers, religion, anthropology, psychology, psychedelics as educational tools, and the war on drugs - relating everything to cognitive liberty.
Contact: Mark Bryan