Welcome to the CCLE’s Cognitive Liberty & Neuroethics course curriculum page. With the intent of making this course as easy as possible to organize and run, we are pleased to offer a syllabus, along with a reading package, to interested post-secondary professors and students.

Many academic institutions fail to discuss the topic and importance of cognitive liberty (the right of each individual to think independently, to use the full spectrum of his or her mind, and to engage in multiple modes of thought), even though the justification for their very existence depends on it. In today’s drug and technology saturated world, the topic of cognitive liberty is of utmost importance to anyone interested in living in a society where one has the ability to choose and voice one’s own viewpoint without fear of recrimination.

The course may be used as a complete package, or alternatively, one may wish to adapt modules from the course to fit into a pre-existing syllabus. Many of the readings are available on the web at the addresses provided: clicking on the links will open the readings in a new window. Other readings may be obtained from the CCLE. If you would like to run this course at your institution, or know of someone else who might, please contact us at info@cognitiveliberty.org

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