Meet Dr. Shulgin

After receiving his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from U.C. Berkeley 1954, Dr. Shulgin went on to work as a research director at BioRad Laboratories and a research chemist at the Dow Chemical Company. He is the author of approximately 200 scientific papers, 20 patents, and 20 book chapters. He has also authored four books: Controlled Substances (1988), PIHKAL (1991), and TIHKAL (1997), and Simple Isoquinolines (2002). Dr. Shulgin now works as a scientific consultant for such clients as the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the Drug Enforcement Administration, NASA, Bristol Laboratories, and the University of California.

He is also a member of the CCLE's Board of Advisors.

Papers by Dr. Shulgin. 

May 2002 article about Dr. Shulgin.

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Dr. Alexander Shulgin