CCLE Report on Medical Marijuana & Cognitive Liberty

Medical marijuana is controversial for one reason; namely, as part and parcel of its beneficial medicinal properties, the plant produces a mild shift in consciousness that many people find enjoyable, beneficial, and in some cases spiritual. Under well-established legal principles related to intellectual freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and privacy, the government is not permitted to restrain the manner or mode in which a person thinks.

The Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics submits this analysis to clarify that concerns related to the psychoactive effects of marijuana (when used for medicine or otherwise) are not only misplaced, such concerns are contrary to law in light of our nationís abiding respect for individual liberty and freedom of thought. 

How to obtain a copy of the Report

CCLE sends this report to relevant legislators, policy makers and media representatives. The report can also be downloaded as a PDF free of charge: