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entheogens & drug policy project

Since time immemorial humans have used entheogens and other psychoactive drugs as integral tools for achieving insight and epistemological understanding, and to enter modes of thought conducive to physical and psychological healing. The work of many respected intellectuals, writers, and artists has been influenced and inspired by the use of drugs that are presently classified as illegal “controlled substances.” Today, worldwide, hundreds of thousands of people use MDMA (Ecstasy) and other modern cognitive enhancers in conjunction with ecstatic Rave dances, and as adjuncts to psychotherapy and self-analysis. As part of the CCLE's mission to foster cognitive liberty, the CCLE has developed the Entheogen and Drug Policy Project to encourage public education and policy reform with regard to entheogens and other psychoactive drugs. >> Read Complete Project Statement

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CCLE Establishes the Salvia Divinorum Action Center
Visit our Action Center to learn the latest concerning Salvia divinorum's legal status.

CCLE's Salvia Divinorum Report
A report on Salvia divinorum and its active principle salvinorin A.  This report was prepared by the CCLE from funds contributed to the Salvia Divinorum Defense Fund, and is being sent to members of Congress. An earlier version of the report was submitted to the DEA after the agency requested information about the plant.

CCLE Educates Law-Makers on Medical Marijuana,
the First Amendment and Cognitive Liberty

In 2003, CCLE's legal team is briefing state lawmakers on the cognitive liberty implications of marijuana prohibition.

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