CCLE Welcomes Dale Carrico as our 2004 Summer Fellow

The Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics is happy to announce that Dale Carrico will be serving as our 2004 Summer Fellow.

Dale Carrico is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Rhetoric at the University of California at Berkeley, writing a dissertation under the direction of Judith Butler, entitled "Pancryptics: Technological Transformations of the Subject of Privacy." The dissertation concerns the politics of autonomy, privacy, and intellectual property as they are transforming under pressure of the convergence of digital media and biotechnologies. He organized the 13th Annual Boundaries in Question Conference this year, on the topic "New Feminist Perspectives on Biotechnology and Bioethics." He writes a regular column, "Progressive Futures," for, an online technology magazine. He lives in Oakland, California.

More information about the Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics Summer Fellows Program is available here



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